Asmara & Jaya are the mother and father of three female cubs: Zoya (life), Kae (glow) & Sundari (beautiful).

More facts about the babies:

  • This is Asmara’s first litter ever. Same with Jaya.
  • The 3 sisters are about 3 months old now.
  • Because they’re still training/adapting the cubs, it cannot be too wet or cold outside, in case they cannot get the cubs back inside. Typically, overnight temps need to stay at or above 50°F, and it should not rain. 
  • There are roughly 150 Malayan tigers left in the wild, so the cubs’ birth is huge. 
  • Since all three cubs are female, they’ll get to stay with mom comfortably and happily for a full two years likely.
  • Asmara got her roar around 4 months old, so the cubs are expected to find theirs soon.