LITTLE ROCK, AR – When you pull up to the pump grab the nozzle to fill your tank, you’re not expecting to have gas leaking down the side of the hose.

But that’s exactly what’s happening at some gas stations around the city.

After citizens’ complaints to the Little Rock Fire Department, Captain of the Fire Marshals John Hogue says they didn’t waste any time inspecting gas pumps.

Fire marshals will be out inspecting more than 100 gas stations around the city of Little Rock.

“We’re just checking the hoses for any kind of frases, cracks any kind of damage, any kind of fuel that’s come out of it, like I said earlier we’re gonna check for any of the wear points that rub along the ground,” says Hogue.

Hogue says gas stations will not be fined, however they will have to replace hoses immediately.

The first two stations with complaints have already made the repairs.