Amnesty Program Announced for Little Rock District Criminal Court

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LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) – The Little Rock District Criminal Court announced an amnesty program to take place the five Fridays during the month of January 2014. The amnesty program will allow violators with past due fines and court costs as well as Failure to Appear warrants to rectify the issue without being arrested. 

“The Little Rock District Court is serious about enforcing penalties and fines levied by the court,” said Judge Alice Lightle. “This amnesty program is an effort to get more violators to complete the obligations of their sentences including paying fines and court costs as well as clearing Failure to Appear warrants.” 

Those with arrest warrants stemming from a failure to appear as well as past due fines and court costs must report to the Little Rock District Court Building at 600 West Markham Street between 8:00 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. on one of the five Fridays in January 2014. Those violators will be allowed to address any outstanding nonpayment or failure to appear issues without being arrested. 

Those who take advantage of the program will have their outstanding warrants recalled with no additional fines, costs, or penalties added to the balance. 

“State law allows the District Court to seize state income tax refunds to pay outstanding fines and court costs,” continued Lightle referring to Arkansas Code Annotated statute 26-36-301. “If violators take advantage of this program in January, their income tax refund will not be subject to seizure.” 

Questions about the amnesty program may be directed to Natalie Short by calling (501) 371-4573.

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