SEARCY, AR — A family and community attending a candlelight prayer vigil on Saturday for a missing toddler were desperate for leads in his search.

2-year-old Malik Drummond went missing from his Searcy home on November 30th. Since then his mother, Tanya Drummond, said life was empty–only full of confusion, anger and sadness.

“He’s not here. I can’t wake up to him or him waking me up in the morning,” she continued.

“He usually asks me for milk and he would always wake me up like, ‘mama milk, milk’ and I’d be like, ‘okay I’ll get up and get you some milk’, or ‘I want cereal’, he’d just wake me up and try to get me to get up.”

For nearly three weeks, the distraught mother said she had been dealing with intentional false alarms that Drummond had been found. If search efforts continued into the 21st day, she asked that people only share information that comes straight for law enforcement.

“That’s my son that they’re messing around with, this is my son. This is a human being.”

On Saturday night, there was nothing but support for Drummond’s family. Hundreds of people stood in a line that stretched from one end of Berryhill Park to the other.

Everyone held candles and stood around a display of candles set up in the shape of a heart. The purpose of the vigil was to pray Drummond was safe. People who attended also wanted to remind the community they were keeping their promise to continue to search for Drummond until he was found and brought home.

“He’s one of God’s people. You can’t just give up,” said Heather Weisenfels  who helped organize the vigil. “We can’t just sit there. We can’t just–it’s some little baby. Somebody’s got to help him.”

Tanya said though she was experiencing an extremely high amount of stress, she was most concerned for her son’s twin sister.

“She barely eats. It’s hard to get her to eat anything. It’s hard for her to do anything because he’s not there to motivate her to get her going, you know?” she continued. “She’s knows he’s gone because he’s not around. She feels something’s not right.”

Even though police had no hard leads on Drummond’s missing person case, his family was optimistic their diligent searching and praying would bring some leads to solve the case.

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