LRPD: Two Dead in Shooting at Apartment Complex

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Two men are dead after a shooting early Saturday morning.

Patrol officers responded to a call of a subject down at Briarwood Apartments on South Rodney Parham near Interstate 630.

Upon arrival they located a subject on the back part of the parking lot, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The victim was identified as Terrance Slaughter.

Slaughter was transported to a local hospital where he was taken to surgery and died from his injuries.

Shortly after the initial call a second shooting victim arrived at the hospital in a personal vehicle.

This victim was identified as Kevin Brown.

Brown was treated in the emergency room but died from his injuries.

An unidentified individual called 911 and said that after hearing gunshots they saw a subject get into a silver vehicle and flee the area.. 

As Crime Scene personnel processed and collected evidence at the scene, detectives spoke with neighbors in an attempt to locate any witnesses.

There were no witnesses that saw the actual shooting but some did hear gunshots and saw a dark colored vehicle leave the lot.

One witness saw a subject on the ground and called 911.

A semi-auto handgun was located on the parking lot nears Slaughter’s clothing.

Investigators found several spent shell casings on the parking lot.

The casings were from two different weapons.

There was also a plastic baggie containing marijuana on the parking lot as well a prescription bottle with unknown pills in it.

Detectives were able to locate the witness who took Brown to the hospital and interview him.

The prescription bottle found at the scene was in his name.

The witness stated that he and Brown went to the apartment complex so that Brown could meet with someone who had called his cell phone.

When they arrived, police say the witness parked and Brown got out and started talking to a black male.

The two then came back to the vehicle and Brown began showing the subject some marijuana.

At that point the other subject pointed a pistol at Brown and said “give me what you got”.

The witness says the two struggled and then shots were fired.

The witness said that the unknown subject shot Brown and then Brown returned fire from a large pistol he was carrying.

The witness fled after the shots were fired and then came back to the car.

Brown said that he had been shot so the witness drove him to the hospital.

Police say the witness identified Slaughter as the subject that shot Brown.

Investigators have impounded the vehicle that Brown was in at the time he was shot for processing.

The vehicle had bullet holes in it and shell casings on the inside.

The investigation is continuing.

An unrelated shooting occurred at the apartment complex last month.

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