Mike Ross Thanks Bill Halter for Support

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross is thanking former challenger Bill Halter for his support.

Halter announced this morning that he was dropping out of the 2014 Arkansas governor’s race.

Soon after, Ross issued the following statement:
“Bill Halter called me this morning and told me his decision to exit the Governor’s race. I thanked him for his many years of service to the state of Arkansas, and said that I hope he continues to pursue public service. It’s clear Bill loves Arkansas and cares deeply for the people of this great state. 

“I am honored by his kind comments in support of my candidacy for Governor. I am proud to have his support, and I welcome all of his supporters to join our campaign focused on Arkansas’s future.

“Holly and I send Bill, Shanti and his entire family all our best.”

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