Removal of Damaged Gas Pipeline Beginning

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Recovery crews expect to begin retrieving a section of an auxiliary natural gas pipeline from the Arkansas River.

That pipeline ruptured and released natural gas two weeks ago.

Teams have continued to prepare for the retrieval over the past few days.

The pipe will be cut into sections for safe removal and transport from the area.

Some of the cuts will be made under water, and further cuts will take place once the pipe is raised onto a barge.

The removal could take many days to complete and will be heavily dependent on river and weather conditions.

Weather permitting, on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, the team plans to perform an internal inspection of the main pipeline crossing the Arkansas River. The internal inspection involves running a device with sensors through the pipeline to determine its condition.

The main line was operating properly following the May 31 release of natural gas from the auxiliary line.

It was shut down as a measure of precaution on June 1.

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