13-month-old survives 2-story fall

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CONWAY, AR – A 13-month-old fell from a second story window at a Conway apartment complex.

While playing with her mom on a bed next to a window, Khloe Dorsett leaned against the screen. It gave way and she fell to the ground.

Miraculously Khloe is doing just fine. She spent the night at Arkansas Children’s Hospital as a precaution. She’s now back home in her mother’s arms getting lots of love and attention.

Perry Anderson says Khloe has no broken bones, nothing shattered, and no damage done to her physically. “Just the wind knocked out of her and a few minor scratches and bruises. She’s acting normal, she’s laughing and playing like nothing is wrong.”

Anderson says her nerves are still on edge. Even though it was just an accident she says she feels guilty. “I could have prevented it. I wasn’t thinking, and I should have.” Anderson plans to move the bed away from the window so this can’t happen again. In the meantime, she’s giving Khloe lots of hugs and kisses, and extra attention.

Anderson is grateful and relieved her baby is fine, but she’s not going to stop worrying. “Even when you think you’re doing everything right, it’s just extra steps you have to take to protect them.” Anderson says Khloe has no idea how hurt she could have gotten. “She’s great. She doesn’t seem phased.”

Conway police say Anderson won’t face any charges, and that Khloe’s fall is purely accidental.

Trauma specialists at Arkansas Children’s Hospital say falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for children.

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