911 call released from deadly pit bull attack against owner

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Jefferson County deputies say Friday night a pit bull attacked its owner, killing 45-year-old Debra Roberts.

Deputies say it happened while her husband took a shower next door because the couple’s home doesn’t have running water.

When he came back, he found his wife on the ground and called 911.

“I think my wife is dead. I am not sure,” he told the operator, “her leg is almost chewed off.”

Deputies say they had no other choice, but to shoot and kill the larger dog. They safely took the smaller one away.

“We consider that as evidence. It may be possible that we do an autopsy on the dog, the one that is deceased, to determine the stomach content’s,” said Major Lafayette Woods.

Deputies say the woman has been bitten before by the same dogs. However, she went to the hospital and did not file a report.

Also, deputies say right now no charges will be filed because it appears as if the dogs simply turned violent against their owners.

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