Attorney asserts Melder was not Petrino’s mistress

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – A Tennessee attorney representing Alison Melder says that his client and former Razorback Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino were never involved in an affair.

Last week, Deadspin reported that Petrino and Melder had exchanged 200 text messages and pictures in the last 7 months.

Since 2011, Melder has been working part time with the Arkansas Republican party. Last week, the party told Fox 16 that her employment is under review.

Email from L. Jeffrey Hagood, of Hagood, Tarpy & Cox, PLLC:

“Unfortunately, my client has been drawn into a firestorm that is simply sad. While she did meet Coach Petrino last fall and kept in touch; the truth is that Alison has never in her life been alone with Coach Petrino. She is not a public figure, and any suggestion that she was involved in an extramarital affair with Coach Petrino is false. And it is actionable.”

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