Families pay for pools that never come

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It’s a dream Christmas gift for any family – a swimming pool. But much like Clark W. Griswold in the holiday classic, Christmas Vacation, some Arkansans are aren’t getting their pools, either.

“We’re typically trusting people we usually think people are going to treat us the way we treat them – not so much anymore,” said Darin Flippo.

After wiring $8,000 to ‘Pool Man Dan’, five months later the Flippo’s are still waiting for their pool.

“Every Saturday I like to come out and grill and I don’t even feel motivated to do that because I look out at the yard and think, “Where’s the pool?””

“He has not ordered the items and he has the money,” said Mike Rohrer with the Better Business Bureau about ‘pool Man Dan’. “He has their money.”

Rohrer says the Flippos are just one of five families who paid ‘Pool Man Dan’ but never got their pool.

“More complaints came in right after and he just quit talking to us,” said Rohrer.

The BBB has revoked Pool Man Dan’s accreditation but unfortunately for the Flippos, they still won’t be getting everything they asked for this Christmas.

“We just really wish we had our pool.”

We made phone calls over several days and went by the address ‘Pool Man Dan’ lists with the Better Business Bureau but haven’t gotten a hold of him yet.

If you believe you are the victim of a scam, call the Better Business Bureau at (501)664-4888.


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