Former President Clinton returns to Little Rock

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Monday night, former President Bill Clinton presented three military honors in Little Rock, but he began his day signing copies of his new book, “Back to Work.”

Inside the book, he details how America should recover in the current economy. He says stabilization won’t be easy, but it can be done.

“I wanted to give the American people and secondly people in Washington a simple short one volume (book),”said Clinton.

He says the book explains how America got into the current economic mess and how to get it out of it.

About five hundred readers lined the sidewalk at the Chenal Parkway Barnes and Noble, anxiously anticipating the rare opportunity. But Mister Clinton’s visit home also included a ceremony honoring America’s brave.

With pride and respect, former President Clinton paid tribute to three of Americas Marine Corps heroes wounded in combat. One silver star medal was awarded, while two purple hearts were given. All three recipients received commendations from Clinton.

“I am well aware there are no words, no medals, no certificates, which can possibly replace the lives of people that were lost,” said Clinton.

Clinton ended his night with a volunteer reception, honoring those people who give their time at his library.

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