Romney to make fundraising stop in Little Rock Wednesday

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Preparations are underway in Little Rock to welcome Governor Mitt Romney Wednesday. Romney will attend several private fundraising events in downtown Little Rock.

It will be Governor Romney’s first visit to Little Rock this year.

“Campaigns are about time, talent and treasure. You can hire a lot of people, you can raise a lot of money, but the time clock is finite. You can run out of time and I think that’s why they’re making a quick stop here,” says Republican State Representative David Sanders.

While Sanders is not going to the fundraisers Wednesday, Arkansas’ U.S. Congressional delegation is.

Also on the guest list, G.O.P. supporters willing to pay anywhere from $2,500 for an invitation to the reception or $10,000 per couple for a V.I.P. photo shoot at the Peabody Hotel.

After the events at the Peabody, the fundraiser moves across the street to the Capital Hotel for a small dinner with a $50,000 price tag per couple.

“There are a lot of people that I’ve heard are going, obviously the event hasn’t taken place yet, so we’ll see who actually shows up. But, we’re talking about a presidential campaign that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to run because there’s a lot of media to buy,” says Sanders.

State Republicans expect Romney to easily win Arkansas, and they think Romney’s economic plans will grab votes.

“I think it is the pre-eminent issue, but I think we would be kidding ourselves if we did not talk about the President’s stance on same-sex marriage. Across the spectrum. The economy, social, good government issues,” says Sanders.

Since this is a private fundraiser, it is closed to the press.

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