Search of Pine Bluff’s doctor’s home for missing girl concludes

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PINE BLUFF, AR – After 18 years of no leads or visible action, Pine Bluff Police begin a new search for Cleashindra Hall. Hall disappeared in 1994. She was last seen at the home of Dr. Larry Amos. That’s where Pine Bluff Police issued a search warrant Thursday.

Detectives spent 7 hours searching inside the Amos home. Police won’t say what they were doing, but this is the first time in the 18-year-long investigation they’ve searched the entire property.

Det. Lt. Bob Rawlinson with the Pine Bluff Police Department says investigators were able to determine that there was sufficient probable cause to present to a judge. “The judge agreed we could get a search warrant for the property.”

Cleashindra’s mother, Laurell, dropped her daughter off at the Amos home, where she worked part-time in his office in 1994. No one has seen her since.

Hall says she wishes Dr. Amos would be more forthcoming with information. “If he could have offered the opportunity for his residence to be searched or even afforded us the opportunity to come in and see the office where she worked, which he has not, maybe we could have some closure.”

There are no criminal charges connected to this case. Police say they have not ruled anyone out as a suspect or person of interest.

Dogs searched all over the property and next door looking for clues. Detectives brought in high tech equipment to look underground. Laurell Hall says she and the family continue to wait for answers. “In my heart she’s alive, and until I know any different, that’s where she’s going to be.”

Police have no answers for the Hall family right now. Investigators won’t say what they took away from the house in brown paper bags, or what the next step in this case is, but Det. Lt. Bob Rawlinson says the investigation is not over. “This may not be the only action we take. If we can find more leads we will follow them.”

Det. Lt. Rawlinson says a missing person case is never closed until they find something. Everyone involved in the search will get together to discuss and give an after-action report.

Police say Dr. Larry Amos has always cooperated with the investigation. When asked for his reaction to the search warrant, Amos had no comment.

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