Substitute teacher accused of having sex with students

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WHITE HALL, AR — White Hall police say phone calls led them to investigate what took place at a secluded home last month.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the substitute teacher, whose name we won’t disclose because she’s not been charged, invited White Hall Junior High and High School students to a party, where some drank alcohol.

“Most of the parents are pretty angry and wanting something to done and we’re going to see that this happens,” said Assistant Chief Paul Brown.

Brown said detectives interviewed several students. One said he and the woman had sex. She told him to wear a turtleneck because “she put a hickey on his neck.”

Another student said he had sex with the woman while her daughter lay in the bed with them.

“It’s kind of upsetting for a small community like this. Everybody knows everybody and it’s pretty upsetting to us,” said Brown.

Students told investigators that several days after the party, the woman asked them if police had contacted them.  When they told her no, she asked, “Y’all got my back right?”  They told her they did.

The woman’s home is gated so we couldn’t knock on her door. Her attorney said no comment.

White Hall School Superintendent Larry Smith said inappropriate behavior with minors never came up in the woman’s background checks.  Smith said she can’t sub unless she’s cleared of the accusations.

“If we were notified immediately when it happened, we could have made an arrest then but we have to build a case from it,” said Brown.

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