Voters could decide whether to make all of Pulaski Co. wet

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Despite its wet county status, there are some dry pockets in Pulaski County including the Park Hill neighborhood of North Little Rock.

One community leader thinks allowing alcohol sales across the entire county could be the key economic development.

When North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce President Terry Hartwick rolled out an old Pulaski County precinct map, he had one question, “Why is this island still sitting here?”

That island is Park Hill. It is one of Pulaski County’s dry communities.

Hartwick wants to change that.

“In 5 to 10 years, we have a new mayor now, what do you envision for this neighborhood?” asked FOX16’s Kelly Dudzik.

“Activity, you know, I keep comparing it to what we have in the Heights where at one end you have the Sos and the other you have Rocket 21. In between there you have so much activity. I was there the other night and there’s so many people enjoying the area and I think if you say the Heights, everyone know what you’re talking about. I can see Park Hill being another Heights area,” says Hartwick.

Hartwick’s vision for Park Hill includes restaurants, wine bars and bistros. It also includes allowing convenience stores to sell beer and wine. It does not include often controversial liquor stores. His main goal is economic development.

“Have you talked to any developers yet and do you know if there’s interest in the community to fill some of these empty store fronts?” asked Dudzik.

“As far as developers, I’ve talked to people who have properties up here who own businesses up here, and most every I’ve talked to says why not,” says Hartwick.

The issue would have to go to the voters. The Chamber plans on approaching state legislators this session about how to move forward.

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