Watered down gas in Conway

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CONWAY, AR – Nobody wants to pay a $600 bill, especially not when their kids expect presents this weekend. Too bad Julia Bellando doesn’t have a choice.

“This is the gas that came from my gas tank that caused my car to break down,” she said while holding up a cloudy water bottle.

Bellando says she got the bad gas at The Conway Food Store on Dave Ward Drive in Conway. The Arkansas Bureau of Standards confirms there is a problem there. The Bureau had someone testing the gas supply Wednesday, and not for the first time. In fact, they ordered the station’s premium pumps shut down from Monday until Wednesday afternoon, when the gas station passed the Bureau of Standard’s test.

The reason for the temporary shut-down is fairly simple. Tanks of premium gas in Arkansas can legally have up to one-quarter inch of water in them. The Bureau of Standards says the premium tank at The Conway Food Store had four-and-one-quarter inches of water.

In fairness, it’s not the only gas station with a watery-gas problem. The Bureau of Standards says so far this year, 57 gas stations in Arkansas have failed their tests. That’s out of more than 3800 gas stations throughout the state.

As for the Bellando’s, they’re not concerned about all 3800. They’re concerned about the one.

“I would like for them to reimburse us since it was their gas that caused my car to break down,” said Bellando.

It would be a Christmas present of sorts, although, it won’t come cheap.

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