What’s Going Around Aug. 19, 2012

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Each Sunday we survey doctors at St. Vincent Health Care hospitals and clinics to find out “What’s Going Around;” what kind of illnesses doctors are seeing and the symptoms to look out for.

So here’s what’s going around this week.

If you’ve been having a problem with sinusitis and rhinitis you’re not the only one. Patients have been showing up at St. Vincent Medical Clinic Midtown with fatigue, fever, headache, congestion, sore throat, bad breath and loss of smell.

Dr. Silpa Maram says there are things you can do to relieve the problems like putting a moist towel to you face a few times a day, use a humidifier and drink lots of water. You can also try using an over the counter nasal spray but don’t overdo it because that could make the problem worse.

Do you think you’ve been bitten by a spider? Well that brown recluse is on the loose. Dr. Thomas Braswell at St. Vincent Medical Center in Little Rock says be on the lookout. Their bite doesn’t always hurt – but their symptoms can be a problem.

You might have mild or intense pain and itching a couple hours after the bite. Some people have severe reactions with fever, chills, rash, vomiting and joint pain. And the sore the bite leaves behind can take months to heal. If you think you’ve been bitten call your doctor right away.

Those nasty little ear infections are another problem being seen by doctors. Dr. Stacey Burnet at St. Vincent’s Jacksonville clinic is seeing quite a few cases along with allergies.

Also at the Jacksonville clinic, Dr. Sridhar Madgula says patients with sinusitis is a problem. While Dr. Rachel Richardson White says strep throat tops the list this week which, by the way, you get that from someone carrying the virus. And get this, the carriers usually don’t get sick – they just infect other people.

Symptoms include a sore red throat with white patches, fever, headache, nausea, chills, loss of appetite and it’s hard to swallow. Best advice on this one – call your doctor.

That’s what’s going around this week.

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