Family Health: Calming election anxiety


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The clock is ticking down to the election, and it is a stressful one. 

Early voting is wrapping up in states across the country, and many are worried about what the outcome will be.

Some of this stress can be linked back to our dependency on our smartphones.

Researchers are suggesting, especially in this climate to put it down.

One psychologist reminds us all to manage our expectations… and focus on the big picture.

“Debriefed with a lot of colleagues who have used the term doom-scrolling, where you just find yourself on a device and you’re stuck on it. One, turn off the notifications on your phone. My phone does not beep at me, tweet at me, click at me, tell me when to pick it up. It’s a paperweight.” said Anne Browning Assistant Dean of Wellness University of Washington School of Medicine.

Instead of scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, some analysts recommend switching to something calm, like listening to music or reading a book. 

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