Avoiding Back-To-School Illness

The new school year is here and with it germs.

It’s referred to informally among teachers and parents as the “back-to-school” plague when the classroom at the start of a new school year is a hot zone for germs.

The Centers for Disease Control says that on average, elementary school students get eight to twelve colds or cases of the flu each year.

So teach your kids healthy habits as they head back to school like knowing the hot zones for germs and to have good hygiene habits like washing your hands or using sanitizer.

In other health news, going through life without a high school diploma may increase your risk for a stroke.

A new study of nearly 70,000 people in Denmark identified several stroke risk factors.

In addition to smoking and high blood pressure those who had fewer than 10 years of schooling faced a greater likelihood of suffering a stroke.

Smoking and hypertension are well-known stroke risk factors but smokers with low levels of education had a greater risk than smokers who were more well educated.

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