Bone Marrow Treatment Could Help sickle Cell Patients

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Researchers say a low-intensity bone marrow transplant treatment program may help adults suffering from sickle
cell disease.

A similar treatment has worked in children but the side effects were too toxic for adults.

A new study shows using a simpler, less intense program can cut down on the number of hospitalizations and the amount of pain killers adults with the disease use each year.

Celiac disease is where the immune system reacts to gluten, so people with the illness try to avoid this wheat protein.

Past studies singled out two gene groups that seemed to be linked to the illness.

Researchers studied more than 6,000 newborns who had either of the two genes and found a quarter of the children who had both developed symptoms of Celiac by age five. 

12% of the children developed the full-blown disease.

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