Common lawn problems


Common lawn problems include insects, diseases, and weeds. Particular insects to beware of are cinch bugs, lawn moths, and grubs. These insects feed on grass blades or roots, which can damage and even kill the grass. Chemicals can be applied to the affected lawn to kill these insects without further damaging the grass. Two common lawn diseases are brownpatch and leaf spots. Brownpatch is prevalent in hot, humid weather and causes dry, dead-looking sections throughout the lawn. Conditions causing the disease include over-watering, poor drainage, and high soil acidity. Leaf spots can cause severe damage to lawns in some areas of the country. Applying a fungicide [FUN-jih-side] may control the disease and stop further damage. Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, and broadleafed weeds, such as dandelions, are the two main types of weeds that can grow in grass that is not thick enough to crowd out weed growth. By using the appropriate herbicide for each specific weed problem, weeds can be killed and kept from spreading throughout the lawn. For more information about common lawn problems, consult a lawn care professional.

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