Gardening tips


Here are several suggestions for successful gardening. First, find out what type of soil you have and what it needs to keep it rich and fertile. Peat moss and manure are excellent at keeping moisture and nutrients in the soil. A good mulch can help control weeds and maintain soil temperature. Next, when planting flowers or shrubs, be sure to allow for their height and spread at maturity. You might want to plant a mixture of flowers that will bloom in both the spring and summer to create continuous variations in your garden’s look. Also be sure to choose plants that will thrive in the area in which you wish to plant them. For example, plants that need sun should not be planted in the shade. Finally, check the appropriate time for planting seeds. This varies depending on the climate of your region as well as the type of seed you are planting. Warmer climates will often allow earlier planting than colder ones, and some flowers, trees, and shrubs are better adapted to certain parts of the country. For more information on gardening tips, consult a nursery professional in your area.

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