Shrubs are an excellent way to accent or completely transform your landscape. The two main types of shrubs are deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous shrubs lose their leaves every fall while evergreens keep their leaves year-round. The time of year to plant your shrubs is determined by your particular climate. When you are choosing a shrub, it’s important to select one that is suited for your landscaping plans. For example, a young shrub that seems to be the perfect size may grow to be the wrong size and shape as it develops. Therefore, it is recommended that you find out a young shrub’s size when it reaches maturity. It’s often better to plant younger shrubs because they are less expensive and easier to transplant than larger, older shrubs. In addition, it’s best to choose shrubs after you’ve chosen their intended location. Certain shrubs require lots of sunlight while others require shade. Also, certain species of shrubs are better for particular regions of the country than others, so choose shrubs suited for your area. For more information on shrubs, consult a nursery in your area.

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