Orthopedic rehabilitation


Orthopedic problems that require some form of rehabilitation can vary greatly in the amount of therapy they require, depending on their severity. Some common sports-related injuries or simple bone fractures may only require a few hours of physical therapy. More serious problems include multiple bone fractures, joint replacement surgeries, and conditions resulting from diseases such as arthritis. Orthopedic rehabilitation programs help restore the functioning ability of your muscles, bones, and connective tissues. Both inpatient and outpatient programs are available, based on your need for care, rehabilitation goals, and home support system. During orthopedic rehabilitation, you can work to return to your desired level of independence through improving a number of areas, such as your strength, joint range of motion, assisted or unassisted walking, self-care training, and pain management. If you have a long-term disability, you may require follow-up treatment even after functions have improved. A variety of methods of treatment are available, including exercise, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, and other techniques. For more information about orthopedic rehabilitation, contact a health care professional.

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