LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Wednesday marked a big day for cancer survivors in central Arkansas dealing with the hardships that come with fighting the battle of cancer with a $31,500 donation.

Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer gave away over $30,000 to cancer survivors.

The non-profit organization created by FOX 16’s Donna Terrell partnered with Goodness Village and gave them $11,500.

Goodness Village provides apartments for cancer survivors who travel to central Arkansas for treatment.

They served over 134 families just this year.

Yoga Warriors also gave the 20th Century Club’s Lodge $10,000. They also provide housing for cancer patients who come for treatment.

Donna Terrell’s daughter died from colon cancer and received help with housing when she had to go out of town for treatment.

Yoga Warriors will also be donating another $10,000 to CARTI next week.