Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors: Fighting Colon Cancer

Yoga Warriors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas has been working to get more Arkansans screened for colon cancer, and now it is even easier after the state legislature has acted on it.

There’s a new law that forces insurance companies to pay for routine screenings and colonoscopies for people 45 and up.

In addition to that Dr. Conan Mustain at UAMS said people will no longer have to choose between having the insurance company pay for invasive colonoscopies, or non-invasive screenings like checking for blood in the stool.   

“It use to be if that test came back positive, well that counted as your screening so now you have to go pay out of pocket for a diagnostic test to follow up and that loophole has been corrected in that bill,” said Dr. Mustain.

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