LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Monday was a special day for many at FOX 16 News.

On Monday morning, the Maumelle Country Club kicked off the 3rd annual Yoga Warriors Golf Tournament.

Almost 100 golfers hit the course, including anchors Donna Terrell and Kevin Kelly.

Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors Foundation provides care and resources for not only those who are dealing with colon cancer, but all cancers.

Ryan Bartholomew with Small and Associates said that sponsoring an event like this is an honor.

“Yoga Warriors, supporting colon cancer supporting all cancer, as a financial advising business of course we have a lot of clients, we have a lot of family, a lot of friends,” Bartholomew said. “Cancer affects so many people that we know and it really hits home for a lot people. It’s a personal connection and it’s the very least we could do to help your cause.”  

To learn more about the Yoga Warriors organization, visit