Yoga Warriors: Fighting Colon Cancer as numbers of cases rise in young people

Yoga Warriors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The number of cases of colon cancer have been steadily declining.

But the numbers among young people continue to rise.

I know about it all first hand after my daughter got the disease at 27 years old.

Why is it hitting so many young people?

UAMS’ Dr. Jonathan Laryea says the verdict is still out.  

“There’s a lot of studies going on looking at the genetic changes that are happening that are causing this. I think before long we will have an answer.”

An answer to why so many young people get colon cancer.

My daughter Queah was diagnosed with colon cancer at 27. She had no family history and was misdiagnosed at first.

she beat it the first time, but when it came back  it was stage four.

On March 19, 2011, colon cancer took her life.

The good news for today’s survivor —  advancements in the way doctors treat the disease — and new drugs.

Some of the medications that we use are different and we have more options for those that have stage four disease.  So if the first line doesn’t work, we have

the second line, 3rd line, sometimes even 4th line agents that we can use.

Dr. Laryea tells me there’s more genetic testing — to see if patients are predisposed or at a higher risk for other cancers, and new clinical trials.

I’m going to cook everything in this book. There’s no way to know if today’s advancements would have changed my daughter’s outcome, but it’s comforting to know

science is moving forward.

Don’t forget about Donna Terrell’s yoga warriors fighting colon cancer; it’s Saturday starting at 10am at the DoubleTree hotel in little rock. Admission is free —- bring a yoga mat, or buy one from us for 10 bucks.

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