Yoga Warriors postponed, the importance of routine screenings for colon cancer

Yoga Warriors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Routine screenings for Colon Cancer start at age 45. Sooner if you have symptoms or a family history.

Many people fear it because they think it’s too invasive, but as you’re about to find out, it’s relatively simple and can definitely be a life saver.

UAMS Dr. Jonathan Laryea is giving us a crash course on the machine that screens for Colon Cancer.

“We typically use carbon dioxide gas to open up the colon,” said Dr. Laryea.

This allows Gastrointerologists to look at the lining of the colon and screen for polyps or any type of mass or tumor. Typically, precancerous tumors can be removed right on the spot.

“We also have a channel so that we can take biopsys,” said Dr. Laryea.
Dr. Laryea tells me the entire procedure takes about a half hour and you’re under sedation. The worst part of the procedure is not the procedure at all.

“Because when you drink the laxative you will go several times and that’s what is the worst part of it,” said Dr. Laryea.

And just for a heads up Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors Fighting Colon Cancer event for this Saturday has been postponed due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Considering we get quite a few people with compromised immune systems we figured it was best, but that doesn’t change our mission to help cancer survivors.

If you’d like to help go to to learn more and dona

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