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Socially Distance Yourself Outdoors

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The coronavirus continues to shutdown businesses all over the country and world. People have been recommended to quarantine themselves and stay at least six feet apart from others to help prevent the spread.

But, Rock Town River Outfitters in Little Rock is giving people a chance to socially distance themselves while outdoors.

“We’re going to be here for people,” owner of Rock Town River Outfitters Samuel Ellis said. “We want to get them outside and let them have a normal life again.”

The way they do that is by renting out bikes, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. You can either go on your own or take part in guided tours along or even in the Arkansas River, but they are being smart about the situation.

“We’re not trying to get people in big groups,” Ellis said. “We have limited our tours or rentals to smaller groups. As far as social distancing you can still go and be healthy, get outside and get some fresh air. We’re trying to give people something to do to get out of the cabin fever mindset.”

With whole world basically being told to stay home, Sam wants people to know that it’s still safe to go outside and his business’s sanitation habits prove that.

“We actually sanitize our equipment after every use and have since we opened.”

Sam Ellis

“This whole sanitation thing isn’t new to us,” Sam added. “We wipe down, sanitize, and Lysol every helmet and handlebar after every use. It’s just kind of the way things go in the rental company I guess.”

With so much time at home or inside, right now is one of the most important times to for Rock Town River Outfitters to be open, so people have the option to social distance from inside or out.

“I was curious if I was going to have to close for any certain reason,” Ellis said. “I think as long as we’re doing more good than bad as far as letting people get outside and not having any cause of spreading this virus thing.”

Business hasn’t changed too much for Sam’s store, but it’s the businesses around his that are now closed.

“It makes me sad about all the other businesses that have to shut down,” Ellis said. “A lot of the food industries and restaurants that I normally send people to.”

“Everything from Nexus the coffee shop down here to flying saucers, sticky fingers. We usually send customers there after a bike ride because they’re tourists from out of state and they want to know what the best places to go are,” Sam added.

They are friends with other businesses around the River Market. When you rent a bike, it comes with a lock so you can explore Little Rock and not have to worry about your equipment.

Rock Town River Outfitters caters to families, individuals, or first-timers. Sam just wants people to be educated in one of the most confusing times our country and state has ever seen.

“I think the biggest thing is the education side of that. ‘What is safe and what is not safe?’ Obviously we’re trying to keep it from being a venue full of people,”Sam stated. “I think getting people to realize that, even during these tough times we’re trying to live a little bit of a different life that you can still do some pretty normal things. We want to make sure people know that and how to do it safely.”

If you want more information on what Rock Town River Outfitters you can visit their website HERE.

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