There Are Snow Days Off At D.J. Williams’ Home Gym

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Everyday is a Work Day at the Brae

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas was hit by a record snow storm that shut down schools, gyms, and numerous businesses. In a week where exercise was not at the front of anyone’s mind, former Razorback and NFL tight end D.J. Williams made sure he and his community had a way to work out.

The former Green Bay Packer is used to the frigid temperatures and crazy amounts of snow, that’s why he continued to let people workout in his garage gym called, ‘The Brae’.

“Even on a day like this when we’re getting record numbers as far as snowfall. Not one person calls and questions if the Brae is still going to be open,” Williams said.

Whether it was lifting weights in his garage or moving the furniture in his living room to pump iron, D.J. and company didn’t take a day off.

“Every day is a work day,” Williams added. “I’ve had people show up here at six o’clock while I’m at work, I just open the garage for them. I’ve had people work out here at 10 p.m. So the Brae is open 24/7.”

It doesn’t matter what level of fitness you’re in, D.J. says that there’s always room at the Brae for people to grow.

“A lot of people are like, ‘oh this NFL athlete we can’t keep up with this guy are you kidding me?’ I encourage people to stay in your lane, we just have to figure out what your lane is,” Williams said.

However, there is a cost in order to work out at the Brae.

“We do charge, but we charge gains only,” D.J. said.

Fox 16 sports anchor Troy Lynch caught up and even worked out with D.J. to see how the Brae stayed open during the snow storm and it’s helped the community around him.

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