CONWAY, Ark. — A video posted by the Conway High School Wampus Cat football team last week is taking the internet by storm.

Zac Sanders is a junior at Conway High School and has been the football team’s manager for the last four years.

Every six weeks, the Wampus Cats max out in the weight room to test their strength. After they’re done, Zac tests his growth on the vertical jump.

The video shows Zac matching his personal best 17 inches before trying again, this time jumping one inch higher. The team exploded in excitement, sharing a moment the program will remember forever.

The video quickly went viral, being shared by ESPN and racking up hundreds of thousands of views across all social media platforms, warming the hearts of people all around the world.

Troy Lynch talked with Zac, head coach Keith Fimple, and Zac’s mom Susan to what the moment was like and what it means to the state of Arkansas.