LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nearly a year after a Little Rock man was found shot to death, his sister spoke out for the first time Tuesday about his murder.

Bria Parker looks through pictures of her brother, Mikhal Bailey, on her phone.

“That’s my brother right there. That’s him again,” said Parker. “My baby brother. He loved taking pictures, his family and he loved having money.”

Authorities said the 22-year-old was found shot to death next to a stolen motorcycle, near 25th and Elm Street last July.

Neighbors said they heard at least 20 gunshots about 30 minutes prior to officers arriving, but investigators said they have no clues as to who pulled the trigger or why. 
“Whoever did that, they are wrong. They are disgusting. They are foul,” said Parker.

Parker said her brother was a father of five kids he will never see grow up.

“That hurts deep inside,” said Parker.

Bailey was becoming his own man a couple of weeks before his life was taken.

“He was in a biker club,” said Parker. “He had just started a new job in Conway.”

Parker said she last spoke to her brother on his birthday… a little more than a week before he was found murdered.

“He said he feels like somebody is after me and I really need help and I told my brother won’t you go to the police and he said I’m not going to the police because I’m not no snitch,” said Parker.

She wishes Bailey would have gotten the help he needed.

“It didn’t have to result in taking his life,” said Parker.

Before it became too late.

“My brother touched a lot of people,” said Parker. “I just want justice for my brother … anybody out there who knows anything, please come forward.”

The family is working on a way to remember her late brother.