13-Year-Old Riding Bike Beaten, Robbed by Other Teens


A warning from Little Rock Police after a middle schooler riding his bike was beaten and robbed by other teenagers.

Sticking by his cousin’s side, it’s the only way Carlos Lopez will walk down the sidewalk.

“I don’t want to go outside no more,” Carlos said.

The 13-year-old says he was riding his bike on 12th Street near the Woodrow intersection in where he says two teenage boys robbed him.

“I was drinking a Gatorade, this Gatorade, and they slapped it out of my hand,” Carlos said, point out the Gatorade left in the grass.

Carlos says he was riding his bike around 6 p.m. Wednesday when the teens, who were also on bikes, blocked his way.

“They was like, ‘Do you want drugs?’ I told them ‘no.’ He started grabbing me, going into my pockets,” Carlos said.

The teens stole all of Carlos’ cash before he could get away, biking 11 blocks to Battery Street and Daisy Bates, with the teens following.

 “I was sweating and scared,” Carlos said. “He had my head and hit it to the floor and he went into my pockets and took my phone.”

What Carlos doesn’t understand is why dozens of drivers passed by, but no one stopped to help him.

“They just passed right next to us,” Carlos said.

Carlos says he lying on the sidewalk next to his bike, too hurt to get up and still no one called police or stopped. It wasn’t until a Little Rock police officer driving by saw him and pulled over.

Little Rock Police Officer Steve Moore agrees it’s concerning, especially since Carlos was along a busy road there was enough daylight and it was around rush hour.

“You would hope that an adult or somebody would come to his defense,” Moore said.

Moore is using this as a reminder, even if you can’t stop but see someone who’s being attacked or who may be hurt , call police and officers will check it out.

He’s also urging parents to talk to their kids, and let them know the best defense is sticking with friends and keeping your guard up.

“Sad that you have to tell a 13-year-old to constantly be on guard and be aware of what’s going on,” Moore added.

Advice Carlos doesn’t need to be told twice.

“I’m not being out here by myself no more,” he said.

Police are looking for those suspects. Carlos could only give officers a description of one of the suspects, he’s believed to be about 18-years-old, has an afro and was riding a white bike.

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