16 Firefighters walk out, days later two firetrucks were vandalized


MAMMOTH SPRINGS, Ark. (KY3) – Arkansas State Police are now investigating after the fire department in Mammoth Springs was vandalized on Monday night.

Fulton County Sheriff Al Roork says the vandalism done here at the Mammoth Spring Fire Department on Monday night is a very serious crime. He says two firetrucks were vandalized.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, the now former Mammoth Spring Fire Chief Casey Poulette, was given a choice by council.

“Stay on as a firefighter or go. He chose to go,” Doris Brown said.

16 firefighters decided to leave the department with him.

A new chief was appointed.

The 16 that had left, turned in all their firefighting gear that night and left, only to be called back by local police because of vandalism.

“They went back to the station because they were called back, because there was supposed to be some kind of vandalism. Well I know everyone of these guys and there is no way, no way in the World that they would vandalize the stuff that they had taken care of for many years,” Brown exclaimed.

Sheriff Al Roork has requested Arkansas State Police investigate the vandalism of the two fire trucks.

“The water was drained out of the trucks, the hoses were jerked off and just things that rendered the trucks inoperable for several hours. It put the city in a very vulnerable situation. It was all restored yesterday and it’s up and working again,” Sheriff Roork explained over the phone.

Roork promises a thorough investigation.

“Yes, we believe that it was some firefighters that did that…that were disgruntled over it,” Roork added.

Buz Allen says he’s concerned about the next emergency call that comes in and how many will respond.

“Without the first responders and the fire department to make calls when anything happens, it’s a disaster. It is a disaster right now as I understand it,” Allen stated.

No one with the city council could comment on the case pending investigation.

Mammoth Spring Mayor Charles Vaughn says there are currently 14 firefighters with the department and if they need more, old retirees will come back to help. If there is any emergency situation, he says the city and the people of this area are in good hands and are safe.

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