19-Year-Old Attacked by Masked Gunmen in Conway Home

CONWAY, AR – Beaten and threatened with his life, a 19-year-old man stumbles out of his friend’s Conway home having been attacked by two masked men with a gun.

David Harris happened to be out doing yard work Monday (7/14) around noon and called 9-1-1 when he saw the teen with multiple head wounds.

“Young man came staggering out of his garage – blood on his forehead,” Harris explained how he made sure the teen was ok. “[I tried] taking care of him. Making sure I can get him to calm down.”

The victim says he was alone at a friend’s house on the corner of Donaghey and Prince when two men wearing white bandanas over their faces came in through a door inside the open garage. 

He says they found him in a room and “hit him in the head with what he thought was a handgun.”

The victim asked to remain anonymous for his and his family’s safety.

Conway Police are now searching for the two men that were apparently there only looking for the victim’s friend. The victim said they kept asking him where his friend was but continued to hit him when he said he didn’t know.

The victim said after beating him in the back of the head they “placed the barrel of the handgun against the back of his head and told him if he gets up within 10 seconds he was going to get shot.”

“This was horrific to say the least that he would be beaten as such,” remarked Conway PD spokeswoman, LaTresha Woodruff.

Police arrived following the 9-1-1 call. Shortly thereafter the friends came back home and when they were explained what happened, one of them said it sounded like the “Squad 3 Crew”, a suspected gang in Conway.

According to the victim’s friends, gangs are active within the city. 

Gang or not, the mention of the word comes as a surprise to people who live in Conway.

“I didn’t know we had gangs here. First I’ve heard of it,” Wanda Strong said.

“It can be somewhat alarming to think that there’s some sort of gang,” Woodruff says they are aware of the “Squad 3 Crew” and they do have groups in the city that like to give themselves names but they apparently aren’t your typical “gang.”

Woodruff says there’s nothing about this case they can directly tie to this specific gang, besides the friend’s suggestion.

However, she says the Department has a Gang Intelligence Officer looking into this crime and keeping an eye on groups like this.

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