2 Arkansas Sonics make Top 12 best drive-ins list


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – SONIC locations in two Arkansas cities have made a Top 12 list of the company’s best drive-ins.

It’s all part of the 25th annual DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES® competition that continues into September.

The race to make the Top 12 took place over the last nine months as thousands of SONIC® Drive-In team members competed in a series of intense individual and team challenges as part of SONIC’s annual premier training program.

SONIC announced the Final 12 teams this week who, they say lead by example and work together to deliver the unique SONIC experience to drive-in guests.

SONIC implemented the DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES as a training tool that motivates team members while giving SONIC the opportunity to recognize participants on both individual and team levels.

To date, team members have completed more than 1.9 million minutes of additional training designed to build teamwork, improve overall drive-in operations and help them deliver exceptional guest experiences. Drive-in teams were tested in the following specific areas:

• Food Safety
• Switchboard: Order Taking
• Fountain: Drink Preparation
• Ice Cream: Frozen Treat Preparation
• Dresser, Grill and Swamp: Food Preparation
• Carhop: Guest Service & Delivery
• Monthly Promotions

The remarkable Final 12 drive-in teams, listed in alphabetical order by city, are:

  1. Corsicana, Texas (1700 West 7th Ave.)
  2. El Paso, Texas (1865 N Zaragosa Rd.)
  3. Jefferson City, Tenn. (201 East Broadway Blvd.)
  4. Kansas City, Mo. (5105 NE Vivion Rd.)
  5. Knoxville, Tenn. (4515 Chapman Hwy.)
  6. Knoxville, Tenn. (3307 North Broadway)
  7. Knoxville, Tenn. (7519 Mountain Grove Dr.)
  8. Lee’s Summit, Mo. (1901 E Langsford Rd.)
  9. Madison, Ala. (1700 W 7th Ave.)
  10. Marshall, Ark. (919 Highway 65 North)
  11. Searcy, Ark. (1201-a North Maple St.)
  12. Summertown, Tenn. (9102 Highway 20)

“Thousands of drive-in teams have participated in DR PEPPER SONIC GAMES since its inception in 1994, each playing a vital role in creating memorable experiences for SONIC guests,” said Kevin Knutson, senior director of operations services for SONIC. “The dedication and passion our Final 12 teams highlight SONIC’s unique work culture and their devotion to go above and beyond.”

The 12 drive-in teams will travel to Austin, Texas in September for an all-expense paid trip to the annual SONIC National Convention, where a final competition will be held to determine the best drive-in in the country. The top three drive-ins will be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal in front of the convention’s thousands of attendees, and individual medals will be awarded in each category.

“From the beginning, 25 years ago, Dr Pepper has sponsored SONIC’s one-of-a-kind performance improvement and training program for drive-ins across the country,” said Blaine Wood, director of sales for Dr Pepper. “Together, we have given SONIC team members the tools and resources to rise and become masters in their specific stations to have a positive impact on our guests.”

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