36-Year-Old Monticello Man Missing Nearly 2 Weeks, Still No Sign

Barry Harmon's son holds a picture of he and his dad._-8826647914215616872
MONTICELLO, AR – Several state and local agencies have taken part in the search for Barry Harmon, 36.

He disappeared from an area North of Monticello in Drew County January 6.

The holiday Monday (1/19) combined with almost hitting the two week mark has dropped the amount of crews searching.

Whittling wood is about the only thing keeping James Harmon’s mind from wandering and thinking about what could have happened to his son.

“We miss that boy so much,” James said. “When it’s one of your children part of you dies and you don’t ever get that back.”

His son disappeared into the woods behind their home after leaving to go hunting.

Within a week of the search, crews discovered a used shot gun shell, an almost full pack of cigarettes and a series of tracks. They believe they belong to him but it’s still no sure sign of Barry.

“10 square miles of woods is like an ocean and you’re looking for one person in that ocean,” James added. ” I think he’s somewhere in these woods but I don’t think he’s alive.”

Just one day short of two full weeks, the search for Barry has all but stopped.

Since the disappearance, James has cared for his grandkids saying his son would have had no reason to leave them behind.

“These two children here are his whole life.”

While James tries to occupy his mind with his hands, his flesh and blood in his son Barry is what he can’t get his mind off of.

“I don’t know if an animal hurt him and got him down and killed him or if he happened upon something he should not have found and somebody killed him and got rid of him… you never know.”

Anyone with information regarding Harmon’s whereabouts is asked to call the Drew County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 367-6211.

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