7-foot polar bear Christmas decoration stolen from family home in broad daylight


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- There’s a Grinch on the loose in Central Arkansas as one home had a large inflatable Christmas decoration stolen.

“I was like, that’s crazy why would somebody take it,” said Tenley Wilbers, 9-years-old,

9-Year-old Tenley Wilbers was upset when she found out one of her favorite decorations had been stolen.

“It was a big white polar bear, with two penguins and they had fishing poles and little strings dangling down,” said Wilbers.

Wilbers said the polar bear was ‘as big’ as she is.

In fact, the bear was 6 feet tall and nearly 7 feet long.

There was a projector in the yard that was also stolen.

However, one blow-up penguin was left behind. Wilbers said she’s happy there is still one left.

“I’m just glad they didn’t steal it because we don’t have any more blow-ups,” said Wilbers.

Wilbers lives in this house with her dad and roommate, Dakota Ramsey.

“I’ve never heard of people stealing Christmas decorations,” said Dakota Ramsey, Owner of Stolen Inflatable.

Ramsey said he just moved to Little Rock two years ago.

He moved here from a small town, where people left their cars unlocked, so stealing decorations is not something he’s used to.

“I mean it was inflated too so it seemed like they were in a hurry. They just snatched it, left the pug into the extension cord and ran with it,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey said the polar bear was taken around noon, from their home on Van Buren.

Ramsey said it’s becoming more clear why him home, is one of few decorated on his street.

“Maybe people are afraid theirs might get stolen as well,” said Ramsey.

This home isn’t going to let the stolen decorations get their tinsel in a tangle.

“We aren’t going to let it kill our spirit, we already have another one on the way,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey said they have a replacement decoration on the way and this time they are taking precautions to make sure this one isn’t stolen too.

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