LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock man is facing several charges after police say they found large marijuana plants growing in his back yard. 

Along a quite West Little Rock neighborhood street, where a “neighborhood crime watch sign” hangs outside, sits a house with foliage and elephant ears covering the front yard. 

Neighbors say this is where Terrill Beckerman, 71, lives. 

But, police say, there was something else growing in the back yard. 

“Completely blown away when we found out his house was raided and he was taken to jail,” said neighbor Mylan Sides. 

Little Rock Police took Beckerman into custody. An arrest affidavit shows he had large marijuana plants. 

“Our narcotics detectives actually went out there and saw 4-5 plants that were approximately 16 feet in height,” said Little Rock Police Lt. Michael Ford. 

Police say he also had guns and equipment used to package and break down marijuana. 

LRPD says a tip lead authorities to the house in the first place. 

“He seemed like a very friendly neighbor. Super trustworthy kind of guy when I first met him,” said Sides. 

Mylan Sides says he never expected his neighbor to be involved in something like this.. 

“Nothing would lead me to suspect he was some kind of drug lord,” said Sides. 

Ryan LeMoine, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years, says sometimes there’s petty crimes, but nothing like this. 

“You hear of a few break-ins here and there, people pulling on car doors to see if they area unlocked, other than that it’s a weird one,” said LeMoine. 

Beckerman is booked in jail and is facing a 10-thousand dollar bond.