A Mother’s Heartbreaking Plea to the Public to Help Find Her Daughter’s Killer


LITTLE ROCK, Ark — A Central Arkansas mother is pleading with the public to help find her daughter’s murderer.

Little Rock Police said Cierra Onukwube, 21, was driving in her car with Nathan Sullivan, 22, near 22nd and Oak, last Sunday night, when someone started shooting at them.

Authorities say Sullivan died at the scene.

Onukwube passed away at a hospital early, last Monday morning.

Onukwube’s mother, LaTanya Rice, spent some of Thursday evening looking at an obituary filled with pictures of better times of Onukwube.

“She didn’t deserve it, the way that she died,” said Rice. “I was told they blew my baby’s brains out. The only thing the doctor told me was that there was no way my baby would survive.”

Onukwube was the oldest of Rice’s eight boys and girls

“The biggest help a mother of eight could have,” said Rice.

She last saw her first born alive at a gas station, a few hours before the deadly shooting … Rice said before Sullivan was with Onukwube in the car.

“They were kind of dating, back-and-forth,” said Rice. “She just was a fun, active and outgoing person.”

Onukwube worked at Sam’s Club and was studying Business and Management at Pulaski Tech.

“She wanted to be her own boss,” said Rice.

Rice holds on to a printout of her Onukwube’s last breaths at the hospital.

“I had to make the worst decision that I ever made in my life was to take her off that breathing machine,” said Rice.

She now prays that her daughter will get justice.

“If it could have been a car wreck I’d probably feel a whole lot better, but to know somebody would tragically kill an innocent person with a good spirit and soul like that is just heartless,” said Rice.

Rice said several people have reached out to her about what could have led up to the deadly shooting.

Her hope is that the same people who are reaching out to her are also contacting police.

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