Affidavit: Dog That Killed 75-Year-Old From Same Litter as Dog That Killed 5-Year-old

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, AR — The bullmastiff/pitbull mix that attacked and killed 75-year-old Joan Kappen Nov. 21 is from the same litter as a dog that killed a 5-year-old Jessieville boy June 9, according to an affidavit.

Warrants have been issued for Brande Michelle Coy and her daughter Emily Ann Coy. Brande is wanted for manslaughter, unlawful dog attack and harboring a vicious animal. Emily Ann Coy has a warrant for harboring a vicious animal.

The findings of the Hot Springs Village Police Department also reveal the dog known as ‘Patrone’ had a history of aggression, biting or snapping at a number of people on multiple occasions.

“Brande Coy knew or had to reason to know that the bullmastiff/pitbul mix breed dog (Patrone) had a propensity to attack, cause injury, or endanger the safety of other persons without provocation,” the affidavit states.

Brande Coy told investigators Patrone had bitten her sister in the face two months prior to Kappen’s attack. Emily Coy revealed to an animal control officer that the dog would “bite out of fear.”

The affidavit also states that Emily Coy had been bitten on two separate occasions, and she was aware that Patrone had bit a neighbor in face in July 2012.

“Brande Coy recklessly allowed the dog to attack another person. Brande acted recklessly by allowing the dog out in a public area unsupervised and unsecured. Accoriding to witnesses, the dog had also been allowed out in a public area unsupervised and unsecure on at least one occasion to the incident involving Kappen.”

In conclusion:

“The action of recklessly allowing the dog out in a public area unsupervised and unsecured contributed to and resulted in the death of Kappen.”

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