AG Accepts Ballot Title Proposal to Repeal Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — A ballot title proposal aiming to repeal Arkansas Constitutional Amendment 83, which prohibits same-sex marriage, has been approved by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.

McDaniel issued the opinion Thursday afternoon, which states that the amendment, if passed, would not make same-sex marriage or civil unions legal in the Natural State, but would grant power to the General Assembly to pass laws relating to same-sex marriage.

Arkansans for Equality submitted the proposal, which must now collect a predetermined amount of signatures before appearing on the 2014 ballot.

In the opinion, McDaniel iterates that the purpose of his review and certification is to ensure that the popular name and ballot title “honestly, intelligibly, and fairly set forth the purpose of the proposed amendment or act.”

To read the entire opinion, click here.

McDaniel also rejected a ballot title proposal on Thursday for an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to legally recognize marriage as a union of two people regardless of gender, citing “deficiencies in the proposal’s ballot title and text.” The proposal can be reworked and submitted again.

To read that opinion, click here.

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