Air injection engines


Some cars are equipped with a method of reducing exhaust emissions that uses extra air introduced into the exhaust system to help dilute pollutants. It’s called an air injector reaction system. During normal burning of fossil fuels in an internal combustion engine, some parts of the fuel are not completely burned, and carbon monoxide is formed. When exhaust gases have more oxygen, they may continue to burn and eliminate harmful carbon monoxide. Introducing more air into the system may reduce the amount of harmful gases discharged into the atmosphere. Sometimes the air is injected into the exhaust manifold of the engine, and in other systems, the air is introduced into the exhaust pipe, just ahead of the catalytic converter. Your car’s catalytic converter must have a sufficient amount of oxygen to function properly. An air injection reaction system may help in this function. Contact your local mechanic or auto parts store for more information on air injection engines.

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