ROGERS, AR (KNWA) – The Walmart AMP hosted Miranda Lambert over the weekend and drew the biggest crowd since the venue opened, but some fans called the crowd too large.

Sending in photos, placing the blame on a small venue, but also attributing the problem to large blankets taking up too much space on lawn seats.

Not oversold, but what some call overcrowded, Walmart AMP officials taking it all in stride, and said they will use this as a learning experience.

“Going forward, we’re going to have to educate our ushers, our security people, and even some of our patrons too–in regards to what is your seating space,” said PR Director Erin Rogers.

For folks who didn’t enjoy the concert AMP officials said that was not their intention.

“I hate it for those folks. I hate that they didn’t have the experience that they thought they were going to have. I do feel like that a lot of the folks that were out there, they did have a great experience. “

For the future, Rogers said they want people to look past Saturday’s mishaps, and come out to enjoy future artists.

“We want them to come out. And we’re going to listen to them, and we’re going to make changes.”