Another Woman Demands Money Back from Landlord

LITTLE ROCK, AR — According to a lease agreement, 7706 Burnelle Drive is supposed to be Shalisa Robinson’s home.  Last month, she paid $550 to Imran Bohra, but she said they agreed she wouldn’t move in to the Little Rock home until he made repairs.

“He said it was going to take two days for him to fix it, but mold, a big hole, the floor — that takes more than two days,” Robinson said.

She said the work never took place, and after several weeks, she asked Bohra for her money back.  She said he refused to and now he won’t answer the phone.

“He told me my money is gone and take him to court,” Robinson said.

Robinson, though, still has the key to the house.  What a surprise when she unlocked it and saw someone else lives there — with repairs!

Last week when FOX16 called Bohra, he hung  up.   Today, we went to his house but no answer.

“Instead of being $500 in the hole, I could be paying for my child’s milk or pampers,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she never thought getting a home for her family would be so difficult.

“You talk so sweet and concerned about my child but the whole time it was to bait me in to take my money,” Robinson said.

She’s willing spend more in court to get it all back.

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