Apartment Residents Concerned About Their Safety

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR — People living in one North Little Rock apartment complex say they take a risk every time they get on the elevator.

Heritage House Apartment residents say one elevator doesn’t work at all and the other one works sometimes if you don’t mind the risk of getting stuck.

And with eleven floors in the building, the elderly and people with disabilities say they almost feel trapped.

Odell Daughtery said, “You may get on the elevator and you may not get off for the next hour or two.”

Today alone, residents say the elevator got stuck twice with people inside.

Jerry Burnett was one of them.

He said, “And then, when they finally got it open, we had to climb our way out of the elevator.”

People living at the complex say this has been an on and off problem for the past several months.

Angela Godfrey told us, “I’ve been helping people up and down stairs who are handicapped.”

A spokesman with the Arkansas Department of Labor says the elevators passed an inspection in January.

But after hearing about the issues, another inspection will be done.

The North Little Rock Housing Authority owns the building.

Over the phone, a manager told us they’re working on the elevator problems.

She said, “We’ve had one down now for a few months because of the motor. This is a 1968 machine.”

The Housing Authority ordered a new motor but said it may take awhile to arrive.

According to the Housing Authority, when crews tried working on the broken elevator, that’s when the other one started to malfunction.

However, that’s not the only complaint.

David Barton says his and other apartments are infested with cockroaches.

Some say the problem may be coming from the backed-up trash chutes.

Godfrey showed us one of the chutes.

She said, “That’s disgusting. It’s like that on the second floor too where I live.”

Residents say they’ve been making complaints for years, but by making those complaints public…they’re hoping something will finally be done.

The North Little Rock Housing Authority says they’re listening to complaints and working to find a solution.

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