Arkadelphia Firefighter says dad’s house caught fire, smoke alarm saved life 


ARKADELPHIA, Ark. – An Arkadelphia Fire Captain faces any firefighters worst fear, getting a call to a loved ones home.

Luckily, in this case, the man says, his dad’s life was saved from a simple smoke alarm.

The fire happened early Friday morning around 2:30 in Caddo Valley. The 75-year-old was sleeping in his living room when flames sparked just feet from him.

Marty Adair’s childhood house is left in ruin. It’s a fire that hits home. He’s a Captain with the Arkadelphia Fire Department. Only his dad and his dad’s dog were inside when it sparked.  

“It’s just nightmare every fireman has is if they have to respond to one of their loved ones home,” Adair said. 

Adair has fought fires for 28-years. He says he has made sure his dad has plenty of working smoke detectors.

“It was right above his head on the ceiling when it had gone off.” 

He says that is what saved his dad’s life that night.

“He said when he woke up he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face because there was so much smoke in front of his face.” 

His dad, and his lab, were able to get out unharmed. Less than a minute later the home was engulfed.

“If the smoke detector wouldn’t have went off he wouldn’t have been there right now,” Adair explained. 

He says it is a prime example of why having a working smoke detector is so important.

“The smoke alarms are so inexpensive now there was no reason that anyone shouldn’t have one.” 

He says the house will be rebuilt, but his own dad’s life is priceless.

“There nothing less than $10 that can save your life,” Adair said. 

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