PEA RIDGE, Ark.  — A man has been arrested for having a large drug shipping and selling operation inside his small town apartment. 

“We have seen activity like this in Pea Ridge, but nothing to this scale,” Sergeant Michael Lisenbee with the Pea Ridge Police department said.

On September 10, Pea Ridge PD received word from Homeland Security that a suspicious package addressed to a Pea Ridge apartment was intercepted at LaGuardia airport.

The package contained over $200,000 worth of steroids and was addressed to Terry Gonzalez.

“Some of it just didn’t add up,” Lisenbee said.

When officers arrived at the address to speak to the residents about the situation, what they found was a similar package addressed to the same person as the one intercepted at LaGuardia a week and a half before.

“We asked if there was anything else illegal in your house,” Lisenbee said.

The man living in the apartment was Travis McDaniel, 30. He was arrested Tuesday.

“He came clean about a lot of everything that was going on. He informed us that there was methamphetamine in his house and some smoking devices used to smoke marijuana, and then he wanted to speak about what was in the package,” Lisenbee said.

Inside the package was four smaller packages, all resembling food. Two of them contained a white powder substance suspected to be steroids, priced at around $250,000 dollars in street value.

“He admits to us that he’s part of an operation with his cousin. His cousin is named Kyle Roop. Kyle Roop and him engaged in an enterprise together. Kyle Roop would actually order steroids from either China or Thailand. He would ship the steroids to his cousin here in Pea Rridge, and then subsequently Kyle would inform McDaniel where he needed those packages to be sent,” Lisenbee said.

Roop would pay McDaniel $350 in exchange for every packaged shipped.

Roop was recently arrested in Louisiana for distributing steroids involved in an undercover operation.

“Roop gave him the opportunity to make some extra money, it just didn’t work out the way McDaniel wanted to, because he was started to get paid in Bitcoin and it prevented him from using the money from where he wanted to use it,” Lisenbee said.

Lisenbee says this goes to show large scale crimes can happen anywhere.

“If you see something that’s suspicious, it doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t fit right, call us. Let us know something is not right.”